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"Kristen's high level of professionalism, willingness to go the extra mile, unwavering positivity and charm and die hard team spirit, made fans of us all. One never can fully appreciate refinement of service and high level hospitality until one truly experiences it."

— Kristin Banta, 

Kristin Banta Events

"In a year of working with Kristen she tackled the need for us to develop a private events program that works for our operation. At the beginning she provided a clear scope of work and costing structure of which she delivered on 100%. She is extremely smart, organized and a joy to work with. She changed our business and delivered beyond my expectations. She is experienced, competent and professional. I would highly recommend and rehire Kristen for this type of work."


- Sarah Orr, Owner

Stokes Adobe Restaurant

"Kristen has been integral to the development of our organization. Being a group of artists, business acumen and organization is not our strong suit so we needed help in organizing our events and business documentation. Kristen has been stellar in advising us and giving us tips on what strategies best fit our needs. When it comes to handling our events she has been a god send. She delivers in every facet she proposes and works tirelessly to ensure we never have to stress that our clients needs are being met. She has helped my team build confidence in organizing and executing events and workshops within the community that have helped us to take on jobs working with local City governments, school districts, non-profits and businesses, as well large state entities such as CalTrans. Her services have been invaluable to the success and growth of my business and I highly recommend her to anyone needing help taking their organization to the next level."


- Arsenio Baca, CEO

La Neta Murals

"Kristen is a cheerful, thoughtful, and savvy professional.  

She is calm under pressure and navigates difficult situations with alacrity and aplomb."

— Brandon Sharp, Chef-Owner,

Hawthorne & Wood, Formerly of Solage Resort

"Kristen is a driven, passionate, creative professional who delivers for her clients. I had the pleasure of working with her at Carmel Valley Ranch where she stepped in, took charge and drove sales results while also delighting clients. She has a great collaborative style, positive energy and she digs in to get things done -- reaching up and down as needed to make things happen. I greatly valued her contribution as a key team member."

— Helen McCabe, Former Director of Sales & Marketing,

Carmel Valley Ranch

"Kristen has a way of understanding the day of a wedding that makes you feel at ease and comfortable.  She supported us in every way possible.  We were planning our wedding from the east coast so this was especially helpful.  I knew we were in great hands from the beginning of our experience with her and that she would lead us to a beautiful day that we can reflect on with love and gratitude.  Kristen is simply amazing!"

— Jessica Grounds & Wes McClelland,

Bride & Groom

"I was impressed from the first moment I interviewed Kristen by her ease of creating relationships and how she tailored those feelings to new and repeat clients to properly market the destination. Her grace and charm are selling weapons that cannot be discounted. Equally, I found that her business savvy, her strategic business acumen, her poise under pressure complemented her personal traits; she was the leader I was looking for.

As an independent property, we needed self-inspired and self-driven leaders that would embrace and enhance the assets of the property and find solutions without much corporate support.
Kristen absolutely mastered all the strategies and she aligned herself with our operating team to deliver on her promises and execute the plans.

I strongly recommend Kristen to a position where creativity, assertiveness and strategic thinking are key prerogatives."

— Giuseppe Lama, Former Managing Director,

Carmel Valley Ranch

"Our experience was nothing short of exceptional! We were planning our wedding from thousands of miles away, at a venue that we had never seen in person. Kristen asked a ton of questions and made suggestions where we needed assistance. She was very genuine in making sure that we knew every detail would be taken care. Being as far away as we were, she truly brought peace of mind to us. Having Kristen's help with our planning allowed us to fully enjoy all of the celebrations and activities stress-free." 

— Jori Moroni,


"Working with Kristen is a dream! She is detailed, thorough, has excellent communication, is a team player and will do whatever needs to be done to make sure the job is executed perfectly. One of my favorite attributes of Kristen is her ability to put the  client at ease, to work with different personalities and to really just maintain control of any given situation."

— Kristen Jensen,

Sugar Rush Events

"As an out of towner planning a wedding in an unknown destination you need to rely on a TRUSTED Advisor! From the first minute we meet I knew she was MORE than to be Trusted! Kristen was fantastic, honest and extremely knowledgeable and helpful of what to do and what to avoid. This is a skill set that only a TRUE Professional can provide you. Kristen guided us through a long distance wedding that was magnificent and a life time of wonderful wine country memories! Kristen is fantastic and I strongly encourage you to meet her and have her guide you through you special day."

— Sheryl Appleberry, 

Mother of Bride

"The first day I met Kristen I knew she had that special 'something'. Her upbeat personality and professionalism were apparent then and even more so after working with her for several years. She is a true go-getter and will do anything to make her clients happy. I cannot recommend working with her enough."

— Michelle Walker,

Michelle Walker Photography


"We have worked with Kristen for many years in both the social and corporate markets.

She’s entirely focused on each project or event from inception to completion. Her personality and positivity is infectious and she takes ownership of each project that she engages. It’s personal to her and we love that!

She’s also a great partner and full of ideas. Additionally, when we’ve hit roadblocks, she’s solutions-driven and is quick with the workarounds that have been vital to our events as they execute.

She builds community and, in that community, fortifies her relationships as they matter above all else to her. That is why she is so well connected and can get things done!

We are always thrilled to collaborate with this powerhouse!"

Sarah Drake, Co-Founder,

Formerly of Cole Drake Events

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