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I live for collaborating with driven, passionate, and like-minded professionals, doubled with innovating & elevating the events industry to the next level.


I understand the importance and power of relationships in the hospitality industry and how we are all only as strong as our weakest link. Over the years, I have developed a strong vetted network of wedding & event professionals throughout California and beyond, building an even stronger community. 


I look forward to partnering with you!

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"Kristen is a longtime friend and colleague of Wedaways, and a person very dear to our hearts.

Her unique ability is to be able to take an idea, or a vision, like a seed, and develop it into full fruition. Kristen possesses excellent critical thinking skills and knows exactly how to find positive nuggets in even the most obscure concept. She illuminates our brainstorming sessions and is an invaluable asset to our projects.


We admire and adore Kristen for her loyalty, common sense, intelligence, insight, dependability, sincerity, and beautiful heart."


— Renee Strauss, Co-Founder



I have a true passion for evolving the events industry into an even stronger community, by interweaving sales and collaboration with efficiency and organization, and in turn, providing rewarding experiences, increased profits, guaranteed future business, and a sought-after reputation within the events & hospitality industry.

Previously serving as 2021-2022 President, followed by 2023 Immediate Past President for the Weddings International Professionals Association for the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, it is my ultimate pleasure to help build a stronger, more diverse, and inclusive Vendor Community. WIPA has been instrumental in my development as a trusted leader and collaborator within the Events Industry. I highly encourage anyone looking to elevate themselves and move the needle forward in events to look into a WIPA chapter near you (let's chat!).


Things I love

MY Love & I - Grand Canyon
Monterey, California
Exploring Carmel Valley
Cabo San Lucas
Grand Canyon
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